About us

About Awasr

Awasr is Oman's first specialised broadband Internet service provider.

Offering superior customer care, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality broadband services to the people of Oman.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers unlock the power and enjoyment of the Internet.

Please feel free to contact us. Drop us a note at info@awasr.com

We believe in being:


Because new technology is often confusing, we keep things as simple as possible.


Because we believe in being friendly, approachable and treating customers with respect.


Because we are always looking to do things better to deliver a superior service.


Because not everyone is the same, we are committed to creating products that meet the different needs of our customers.

Our Partners

Oman Broadband Company

Provider of FTTH Network Connectivity Oman Broadband Company

Oman Broadband Company focuses upon the deployment of a passive fiber network infrastructure, providing equal and open access on a wholesale basis to licensed telecommunication service providers in Oman.

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ViewQwest Singapore

International operator partner ViewQwest Singapore

ViewQwest is our service and engineering partner. ViewQwest is Singapore's best boutique Broadband Internet Service Provider and they are fanatical about customer service. ViewQwest has been in operation for 13 years achieving great success in both the residential and the enterprise sector in Singapore. Because of their focus on quality, they have the highest average revenue per user in Singapore at present. Awasr will bring this level of quality to Oman.

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International Capacity Experts Orixcom

Orixcom is a provider of international connectivity, cloud and IT managed services across the Middle East and Africa. Orixcom has developed and built the most advanced and powerful cloud platform located in the region and are strategically positioned to connect customers to where the internet lives and is rapidly transforming economies. Orixcom combines the best of international business practices with unique regional insights to delight their customers and make it easy for them to manage and grow their businesses.

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EOS Telecom

Launch office and management outsource partner EOS Telecom

Eos Telecom is Dubai based telecom operator services company that has affiliation with specialist telecom professionals and senior advisors and has assembled a specialist international team of experts to help during the launch of the new operator.

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